Our Mission

Our mission is to educate young adults on the dangers of underage drinking as well as drinking and driving.  As a foundation we inform without preaching, to both young adults and parents, and seek to empower good decision making through positive influences.  We are committed to assisting community organizations that advocate the negative consequences of underage drinking while focused on discovering new ways to promote better choices when it counts.

   Our Goals

  • Empower young adults to make healthy choices regarding underage drinking. 
  • Avoid scare tactics and instead take a positive and pragmatic approach to education and empowerment of young adults.
  • Recognize that young adults are under enormous peer pressure. When combined with their still-forming brains, it can be very difficult to make sound, rational decisions.
  • Establish that one bad decision doesn’t have to snowball into others. Regardless of past behavior, it is not too late to formulate a plan and make better decisions moving forward.
  • Understand that brand ambassadors are incredibly powerful assets. “Tribes” are extremely important to young adults, and leaders that are respected and admired will have the most significant impact on their peers.
  • Recognize that peer pressure is not always negative and can be leveraged for good decision making as well.
  • Educate parents who may have misguided intentions that unwittingly encourage poor decisions.
  • Advise adults on the best ways to communicate and set expectations for teen drinking, and demonstrate that hosting parties with alcohol are a recipe for disaster. 
  • Be a leader in the Lorain county community by being involved and supporting other organizations and businesses.